Emergency plan

An emergency plan is a tool which has been conceived in order to help professionals react effectively to disasters which may affect the documents kept in their institutions.

An emergency plan should:

  • Propose solutions to disasters which may occur
  • Define the assumed responsibilities of the different implied participants
  • Show the interventions surrounding the alarm and the coordination of the salvage operations
  • Show the interventions to be executed on the documents in order to stabilize or undertake corrective measures
  • Indicate the criteria to be respected in order to establish the location, transport, freezing and salvage priorities of the documents affected by a disaster
  • Describe the interventions following a disaster (freezing, freeze-drying, restoration, etc.)
  • Indicate the recovery processes

It includes the following main points:

  • First actions at the disaster site
  • Salvage of collections
  • After the catastrophe
  • Evaluation of the experience

How to conceive an emergency plan?

Consult the practice sheets (french) concerning the domain Security and prevention of disasters and the emergency plan examples of the COSADOCA member institutions.

In the Learn More section, you will find numerous guides on this subject.
Vaud Cantonal Archives Emergency Plan (pdf, 305.3 KB) The Lausanne Cantonal University Library Emergency Plan – Dorigny location (pdf, 508.3 KB) EPFL Main Library Emergency Plan (pdf, 3.0 MB)